Commercial Design Awards 2013

  • Arlington Center

    Arlington Center
    295 Arlington Drive

    Luther Burbank Award
    Outstanding Landscaping of a Community

    Garden Owner: Caltrans
    Landscape Architect: Mayita Dinos
    Garden Design Contractor: La Loma Development, Marco Barrantes...

  • Arroyo Parkway

    Arroyo Parkway

    Alice Frost Kennedy Award
    Creative Urban Landscape

    Owner: City of Pasadena
    Design Consultants: Field Operations
    Engineering Consultant: RBF Consulting Construction
    Contractor: Sully-Miller Contracting Company...

  • Broad Center for the Biological Sciences – Caltech

    Broad Center for the Biological Sciences - Caltech
    Wilson Avenue (northwest corner of the Caltech campus)

    Creative Design Award
    Innovation in New Construction & Landscape

    Owner: California Institute of Technology
    Architect: James Freed - Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and Smith Group
    Landscape Architect: Thomas Lockett of Land Images
    Contractor: Rudolph & Slette...

  • Fillmore Station

    Fillmore Station
    95 Fillmore Street

    Urban Landscape Award
    Landscape Enhancement of a Commercial Property

    Owner: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    Architect: Gruen Associates
    Architect of Record: McLean & Schultz
    Landscape Architect: Melendrez Associates
    Contractor: Kiewit/Washington (Joint Venture)...

  • Fuller Seminary Hubbard Library

    Fuller Seminary Hubbard Library
    135 North Oakland

    A. Claude Braden Award
    Outstanding New Commercial Architecture and Landscape

    Owner: Fuller Seminary
    Design Architect: William McDonough & Partner Architect of Record: House & Robertson Architects
    Landscape Architect: EPT Design
    Contractor: DPR Construction...

  • Sequoyah School

    Sequoyah School
    535 South Pasadena Avenue

    Creative Design Award
    Renovation of a Historic Property

    Owner: California Department of Transportation
    Original Architect: Smith & Williams
    Architect: Fung & Blatt Architects
    Original Landscape Architect: Garrett Eckbo: Eckbo, Roylston & Williams
    Landscape Architect: Glen Dake...

  • St. Andrew Church Piazza

    St. Andrew Church Piazza
    311 North Raymond Avenue

    Honor Award
    Outstanding Renovation of a Landscape

    Owner: Archdiocese of Los Angeles
    Architect: Korn Randolph, Inc.
    Landscape Architect: Korn Randolph, Inc.
    Contractor: Land Care, Inc....

  • Westgate Apartments

    Westgate Apartments
    231 South De Lacy Avenue

    Residential Beautification Award
    Beautiful Residential Landscape

    Owner: Equity Residential
    Architect: TCA Architects
    Landscape Architects: Melendrez Associates
    Developer: Sares Regis Group...

  • Westridge School For Girls

    Westridge School For Girls - Science & Mathematics Building
    324 Madeline Drive

    Sustainable Design Award
    LEED Project

    Owner: Westridge School
    Architect: Pica & Sullivan
    Landscape Architect: Ronnie Segal
    Contractor: Novus Construction...