About Us

Our Mission

Pasadena Beautiful Foundation works with individuals, community organizations and the City to restore, renew and protect Pasadena’s parks, urban forests and public spaces.

2019-2020 Officers

Brad Hanson


Suzi Miller
Vice President


John Poer

Pat Lyon

Chuck Livingstone
Immediate Past President

Brooke Garlock
Past President

2019-2020 Board Members


Hilary Clark
Bette Cooper
Emina Darakjy
Priscilla Gibbs
Brad Hanson
Caryn Hofer
Chandra King
Ann Kneedler
Donna Lee
Vicki Livingston
Tim Martinez
Joyce McGilvray
Angie O’Brien
Susan Osen
Katherine Solani


Advisory Board
Victoria Bell
Martyn Belmont
Max Brennan
George Brumder
Wendy Crowley
Sylvia Hale
William Koelsch
Gloria Lowry
Andrea Nagata
Gordon Pashgian
Carol Thomson
Betsey Tyler
Teri Weeks
Polly Wheaton




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