Our History

Where We Started

Then Founding Board Member, Mary Fran Russell’s quotes embodies the spirit and wish for the city of Pasadena.  

“We realized that our best approach would be to applaud and reward others for maintaining, even uplifting high standards of excellence in design, whether in architecture, preservation and planting of tree, or landscaping”.  And “with favorable winds blowing our way, enthusiasm and creative camaraderie we will see our beloved city returned to its rightful place as one of the most livable and absolutely delightful communities on this planet.”

Hence, on October 24, 1960 founding members, Lee Bowling Hines, John Holmes, Earle Huggins, Fredrick Huggins, Donald Miller, Robert Natzel, King Robey and Boyd Welin signed the Article of Incorporation creating Pasadena Beautiful Foundation. 

The first Board of Directors were James Boyle, Claude Braden, George Coffin III, C. Bernard Cooper, Joseph Engholm, Edward Marples, J. Lowell McAdam, Lee Merriman, Donald Miller,  Mary Frances Russell and Walter Young.

Pasadena Beautiful  also owes a tribute of gratitude to Ted Behr, Bob Cheesewright, Alice Frost Kennedy and Richard Nevins. 

Remembering Alice Frost Kennedy
Remembering Richard Nevins
Remembering Ted Behr
Remembering Bob Cheesewright 

Presidents of the Foundation

1960-1961 Mr. A Claude Braden
1961-1962 Mr. Edward Davies
1962-1964 Mrs. Francis D. Frost, Jr. (Alice)
1964-1965 Mr. John Carhartt
1965-1967 Mrs. Frederick C. Lindvall
1967-1968 Mr. Frederick R. Huggins
1968-1969 Mr. H. Douglas Byles
1969-1970 Mrs. Roland C. Russell
1970-1971 Mr. George C. Bond
1971-1972 Mr. Glenn Hiatt
1972-1974 Mr. Robert Oliver
1974-1976 Mrs. James D. Harris
1976-1977 Mr. Bradley Buddy
1977-1978 Mr. Joshiro Befu
1978-1980 Mrs. Daniel Foley
1980-1982 Mrs. Arthur L. Hoff
1983-1984 Mrs. James P. Kennedy, Jr. (Nancy)
1984-1986 Mrs. John L. Poole (Dorrie)
1986-1987 Mr. J. T. Driscoll
1988-1990 Robert W. Cheesewright
1990-1993 Alice Frost Kennedy
1993-1996 Mr. Richard Nevins
1996-2000 Nina Chomsky
2000-2000 Maria Mallace
2000-2002 Polly Wheaton, Betsey Tyler, Jan Muntz
2002-2004 Jan Muntz
2004-2006 Randy Finch
2006- 2008 Emina Darakjy
2008-2011 Bette Cooper
2011-2014 Polly Wheaton
2014-2016 Brooke Larsen Garlock
2016-2019 Chuck Livingstone
2019-2021 Brad Hanson

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This history is a transcript of the Pasadena Beautiful Foundation History Video.
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