Commercial Design Awards

In recognition of exceptional commercial landscapes that enhances the city

As the city of Pasadena continues to grow, the need for more green spaces as a haven and respite is increasingly vital.  Every five years, Pasadena Beautiful presents the Commercial Design Award to select businesses, institutions and multi-family residences in recognition of their effort to create exceptional landscapes for their projects that benefits the people working nearby, living in it, the environment and the community.   This award is dedicated to the memory of founding members Ted Behr, Bob Cheesewright and Mary Frances Russell who contributed to the success of Pasadena Beautiful.

Commercial Design Awards 2021

The Commercial Design Awards are given out by Pasadena Beautiful every five years to recognize excellence in architecture and landscape design. Commercial buildings such as offices, multi-family apartments, schools, and restaurants within the City of Pasadena are considered for the awards.

This year’s winners include: The Neuroscience Research Building and the Courts at Cal Tech; Crown City Rehabilitation Institute; the Pasadena Christian School; Condominiums at California/Orange Grove; McDonald’s at Washington/Altadena; the Shatford Library; Crown City Rehabilitation Institute; the Huntington Medical Research Institute and the Gardens on Hill.

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