Golden Arrow Awards


Each year, in the spring, Pasadena Beautiful Foundation gives out Golden Arrows awards to residents throughout Pasadena. These awards are given to single family homes and their owners who have worked on beautifying their front gardens to make it stand out in the neighborhood.

A quick insight on how the process works. A committee comprising of PBF board members, divide the city into 9 areas and volunteers diligently drive down each street in their assigned area to select 6 outstanding homes.

A second team then reviews these 6 selections from each area and narrows it down to the final 3 winners that will receive a Golden Arrow award.

In May, PBF holds an afternoon reception to honor the winners of that particular year and hand out the arrows accompanied by a certificate of merit.

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  • The city is broken into 9 districts with as many as 4 awards in each district.
  • The most exciting front facades or neighborhood projects are judged with awards going to the best in each district.
  • Awards are presented at a reception in honor of the recipients usually in June.

Golden Arrow Nomination Form: