Remembering Alice Frost Kennedy

Alice dearly loved her family, trees, gardens, animals, celebrating good times and volunteering.

She was a remarkable and an accomplished woman–the consummate volunteer. Truly a lady that the term adjective was meant to describe. You can travel the alphabet from A-Z, from artistic to zealous, and find a word that describes her talents and efforts.

Her influence and affect on this organization is magnanimous. A quick mind and wit touched the Foundation’s programs, its people, this city , the State of California and beyond. Alice was into everything. She loved, nourished, encouraged and protected Pasadena Beautiful as if it was a tree so that it would grow strong, straight, tall, and branch out to provide shade and respite for all.

Not job was too big or too small for Alice to imagine, create, or implement from concept idea to stuffing envelopes and delivering fliers. Alice never hesitated to help make things happen. When members got a call from Alice in regard to helping on a project, before they knew it they were the Chair. And then, again before they knew it, she convinced them that they were the only one to do it. However, she never left them out on a limb. She was there to assist whenever it was needed.

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