Remembering Richard Nevins

Richard Nevins, known as Dick, was a childhood friend of Alice Frost Kennedy and Ted Behr, all three of them became long time and devoted members of Pasadena Beautiful.

He gave generously over the years to PBF. No job was too small for him to do. He would come to the office when Teri Weeks worked there and volunteer to help, whether it be folding letters or stuffing envelopes. He called it “grunt work” or “hands on” and he was happy to lend a hand.

He was frugal. PBF received a grant to buy a copying machine, which they did. But it needed a stand to sit upon. Dick asked Teri to design what she would like; then Dick built it. And a decade later it still remains in use. He would volunteer his and wife, Mary Lois’ house for PBF parties or for storing PBF materials.

He was on the Finance Committee, and was very deft with numbers and handling of the budget. He was very good at establishing relationships within the Community. He forged relationships with Polytechnic School and “Save Our Street Trees”, a program of PBF, which enabled students to volunteer their help, for which they earned community service credit. He was also on the Pasadena Historical Museum Board and arranged with them to keep the PBF archive papers.

He wouldn’t hesitate to call Board members to encourage them to come out and take part in a project. Dick Nevins was one of those volunteers, who gave their all, and Pasadena Beautiful was a fortunate recipient of his time, dedication, and energy.

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