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Pasadena Now: Residents Help Beautify Business Area, Enhance Water-Use Efficiency at Neighborhood Planting and Mulching Day

Published on Saturday, December 10, 2022 | 5:41 am

Image: City of Pasadena

Members of community organizations such as Pasadena Beautiful Foundation, Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association, and the City’s Youth Ambassadors program along with other residents were enthusiastic participants in a Neighborhood Planting and Mulching Day hosted by Pasadena Water and Power recently at a parking lot on Washington Blvd. and Lake Ave.

The event was the culmination of a six-month multi-departmental project between PWP, Public Works, Transportation, and Housing, MASH, and the Office of Economic Development to upgrade the site, PWP Interim General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger said. Work included lighting upgrades, parking lot improvements, and landscape and irrigation retrofits.

Kightlinger’s report said over 26 volunteers, together with PWP, staff planted a variety of drought-tolerant plants throughout the site and 14 new Carolina Cherry Laurel trees. Volunteers also applied mulch throughout the site to enhance soil health and moisture retention.

PWP also hosted workshops onsite on proper planting and mulching techniques and drip irrigation at the Nov. 12 event. Beforehand, City staff prepared the site by completing irrigation repairs and installing high-efficiency spray heads and drip systems, Kightlinger said.

PWP offers multiple programs to residents and businesses to support water-use efficiency, including rebates for irrigation improvements, turf removal, and landscape retrofits.

To learn more and view PWPs online library of water-use efficiency workshops, visit