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Press Release: Golden Arrow Awards 2023


Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Golden Arrow Awards

Pasadena Beautiful Foundation is excited to announce the beginning of the Golden Arrow Awards season. Beginning Wednesday, March 15 through April 19, Pasadena Beautiful volunteers will be driving throughout the city in search of homes and gardens that stand out in their neighborhoods. We welcome nominations either of your own home and garden or one of your neighbors. Our special awards ceremony will be held on May 17 at the Western Justice Center. For nominations or questions, please reach us at   [email protected] or (626) 795-9704. 

Sincerely, Susan Osen

From Pasadena Now: Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Hunts Curb Appeal in Search for City’s Best Front Yards

February 27, 2023

Pasadena Beautiful Foundation has announced the beginning of the Golden Arrow Awards season, a competition that aims to recognize residents who help beautify their neighborhoods by enhancing and maintaining their front yards. 

The competition will run from Wednesday, March 15, through April 19, with Pasadena Beautiful volunteers driving throughout the city to search for homes and gardens that stand out in their neighborhoods.

Susan Osen, on behalf of the Foundation, said the Foundation welcomes nominations either of one’s own home and garden or those of one’s neighbors. 

The Golden Arrow Awards season offers Pasadena residents a chance to showcase their creativity and commitment to beautifying their community.

The organization has divided the city map into nine areas and will select six outstanding gardens from each of the nine areas for the initial phase. For the final phase, only three will be selected, for a total of 27 winners. 

The emphasis is on the front yard, but the overall appearance of the residence is also being considered in choosing the winners. The organization is looking for curb appeal, harmony between the house and garden, and clear evidence of pride of ownership and investment in the front yard.

PBF President Greg King noted that the organization also needs to be able to see the front yard. Houses that are covered up by a hedge or are not visible from the street will not be considered. Leaving Christmas lights and trash cans visible from the street will also disqualify a residence from consideration. King also noted that previous winners of the Golden Arrow within the last five years are not eligible to win the award again.

Pasadena residents can nominate their garden or other gardens in their neighborhood by sending an email to PBF. For nominations or questions, residents can email [email protected] or call (626) 795-9704. 

Winners will be selected at the end of April, and a ceremony for the recipients will be held on May 17, at 5 p.m. at The Maxwell House located along South Grand Avenue. At the ceremony, winners will be invited to discuss their garden and house and the story of what they did to create a house and garden worthy of winning the Golden Arrow.